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 its about evrything turn into 1
sometimes i jus wish to be like ana,
but, after a while, i realize it that i couldnt be like her..
masak tu kalah chef hotel..
beat with Jebat tu.. goshh...
i really cant..
then how did she make the decision to end up with Along..

to be like addin shah?
huwwooo.. jauh lagi tu...
i really cant be like her...
totally cant..
she is very good in everything..
iron lady kottt...
headgirl yg kepala gila.. tp result gempak gila..
hookup with benz after that incident...
G.I.L.A kot....

to be like minn edina?
im even not know how to skate ..
but she is really goshh...
idk how to describe it..
im adore her..
from the deck to Him..
its really 360 degree turn..
but she succed.. 
with help from Him and courage from the people around her..
especially Ked , AO & Min ( Jasmin)

i adore her..
yeah.. family is everything..
as a consule's daughter, 
she ust had travel everywhere aroud the world..
meeting all the weird cultures *eyes rooling up *
but as usual, malaysian will be like
"she is not well educated as a muslim"
owh please people.. 
stop judging..
but still..
she doesnt make a mess with people..
and she always trying to be herself till she learn the way to be a muslim..
joning the camps and so on..

dashrina dashrin?
someone from broken fmly..
yeah, when fmly become strangers really suits her surroungding..
her life is being alone..
but its change when she being sent to her countryside.
living with her paksu, opah and tokwan..
really change her into someone else..
meeting up with jade after long time...
and their fate is there..

everyone have their own story..
out history is not the same..
yeah. my shoes doesnt fit yours right?
same to me.. im not fit yours too...
but as Muslim, we have to help each other in concept of ukhuwah or as relatives maybe?

i juz adore the way hlovate writing out his/her story..
i dont know what is the gender..
some poeple said that hlovate is a girl..
somes are oppose it..

so, who does care as he/she doesnt want people t know him/her..
let him/her be..

but keep writing for us..
bcoz ur story really inspire me..
from my opinion..
i really love it..

and ofkos.. i always adre their partner..

next entry i cerita pasal their partner plak k..

xoxo- fieyfa_AF

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"its about evrything turn into 1" was Posted On: Thursday, 21 May 2015 @13:08 | 0 lovely comments

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