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 i'm shock n sad
sehari b4 SPM,dpt brita,kak cik fath(k.huda) mningggal dan d kbumi kn di putrajaya.. sharian dy nanges..aq ta cmpy ati na tggal dy... pas uh, pjuk dy utk try fkus SPM.. then,we'd try our best to persuade her.. now,she get better.. she had try to accept this fate.. but today,i'd got 1 more bad news.. my bestfren's bro had died past few days.. i called her n i cried.. sory
syg.. aq ta thn dgar sora unx... aq tataw cmne.. tp aq ktakn korg mmg kuat.. kao aq,aq tataw ape akn jdik kt aq.. i'll pray 4 their happiness there.. kte yg msih idop niey,tataw ble mse kte.. syg akak n abg aq... to my bro,i lurve even ko ta ckp nan aq.. to akak,i love u so much.. thnxz 4 being my bestfrenz.. to my beloved prents,i love both of u... to adeyk,stdy lek lok....


"i'm shock n sad" was Posted On: Friday, 25 November 2011 @21:41 | 0 lovely comments
kau smakin hmpir.. mnakutkn aq jew.. tp aq kne ready hdpi sgalanya.. k.chie doakn aq moga2 dpat amek medic.. as my father wants it.. (maaf kao BI aq hancus) emm...hope aq ready larh ye.. hope sume tlg doakn utk aq.. syg korg sume... hurm....
"SPM OH SPM" was Posted On: Monday, 7 November 2011 @07:38 | 0 lovely comments

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