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mungkin aku lari..

lari dari masalah yang makin menggunung..

inisiatif utk selesaikan?
slow2 ar beb...
jgn gelojoh..
kalut nk pi mana?


chill arh...

aku dh down..
aku dh stress..
let me handle it sowly..
i had a plan to get rid of it..

myb its u the reason i depress..

but isokey..

im fine...

i always be fine..
in front of the others..

i cried a lot when im alone..

i miss the old me..
someone that always laugh..
someone that pretend like she has no problem in the reality...

be strong syg..
be strong my dear heart.. my soul..

by that time, u can overcome it..
u can handle it..

dlu lagi teruk kan? but then, u can smile...

hepi smpai gain weight till BMI pun dh overwieght..

haa see..

be happy cmtu.. tp BMI tlg jaga.. jgn overwieght lagi...

if n only if he could understand.
but i know he couldnt..

stand by your own feet fifah..
they didnt fit in ur shoes..
so they wouldnt care of it...

focus on your final exam lah..

u can do it fifah..

xkesah la be afifah, pipah or fifah...

pliz.. be strong...
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