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 wake up call
tipu kalau tidak..
i thought after 6 years he'll change..
but im wrong.. hahahaha...
so, it's time to open it up or other person i guess..

hahaha.. jgn keras hati sgt afifah..
jangan kering sgt hati tu...

pickup lines pun xjalan..
setia sgt kamu tu ehhh..


a week already pass..
and i realised now im making the right decision to make it up with other person..

sapa dtg next terima je...

xde dh nk friendzone ke apa..

mak dh bising aritu sbb anak dia xde kawan yg serious to talking about future..
mak takut anak dia x laku ke eh?
"wake up call" was Posted On: Monday, 16 May 2016 @16:23 | 0 lovely comments

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