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 only me
as we know..
everything in this world happens with His bless..
anything or everyting happens for a reasons..
Allah knows the best for His slaves...
as His creature, we have no effort to complaint 
or to feel its not fair..
its our fate..
by hook or by crook, u have to accept it...
either u like it or not..
u have to face it...

yes.. u may said that,
those people are not in ur situation.. 
so they can easily said, to do this n to do that..
but they really understand u??
did they know hows it is feels like??
they didnt fit with your shoes.. they didnt feel it..
so,only u can describe what u feel..

to achieve a success, there must be a sacrifice..
to achieve a happiness, there must be a sacrifice..
anything, must have sacrifice..
your parents also sacrifice while they were taking care of you since your are fetus till this seconds..
did they ever complaint to u?/
No!! but they tried their best to give u the best...

whatever happen, dont forget ALLAH .. He will never leave u ...
so, dont u dare to forget Allah.. especially when u'r happy...
all the sad things that u faced, the hurt one or anything, remember that is the reminder from Him..
He want u to cried n regret what u had done..
everyone makes mistakes.. bcoz we're imperfect..
but, y we didnt try to be perfect??
as perfect as we could be...

as human being, i know that im not perfect also..
but, im trying to be better..
trying to get His attention..
i want to be a good muslimah..
i still have a long journey (in shaa Allah)
i can be better than today..
all i must do is try..
hope tomorrow will be better than today..

hope we can be a good muslim.. 
till we meet in Jannah n live there everafter...



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